Amazing Tampere can host an unforgettable adventure to your group in Tampere whether of if you wish for some sports, action, culture or just some free time – and you can always learn something new! City orienteering happens in smaller groups with the help of our tablet app, which will lead you to interesting places, delicacies and puzzles.

The journey will proceed by following the instructions and solving problems, and sometimes you might even need to ask some help from the locals, too.

You can choose from our ready-made packages, or we can tailor an adventure just the way you wish it to be. The content of every event will in any case be crafted individually to the theme agreed together, and the adventures consist of enjoyable and sweet exercises, trivial knowledge, problem solving, physical exercise and everything from the rich history of the city to its bright future!

Guided photographing and video-recording are an essential part of the content, and you can of course get all the recorded and shot material to yourself as a memory and for possible use in the future.

This is not a running race since the fastest group may definitely not be the winner, and we can also have the adventure without any competition at all.

Only thing you will need is a brisk mind, we will bring everything else!

Who is it for?

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What is it?

The best, most interesting, fun, delicious, exiting, unique, historical, beautiful & amazing Tampere has to offer. The perfect combo – tailored to suit you!