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In addition to an unforgettable adventure, we can provide you and yours with everything else you’ll need for the perfect day in Tampere. Covering everything from restaurants and conference rooms to a sauna, catering, live acts or anything else you might be needing!

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Existing adventures



This is city orienteering as the other programs are, but in this adventure nothing is certain, but you have to solve clues, shine with your knowledge, use problem solving skills and challenge your brain – in addition to small delicacies and beautiful city view you will get. And as well as in the other events, every team will photograph and video record their progress (and get guidance for it). All recorded material is part of the competition and will be given to the competitors themselves in the end of the day to remind and give good laughs afterwards.

With this adventure we can seamlessly combine different kind of restaurant services – but of course you won’t get them before you have earned them!

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Statues 101


Would you believe that Tampere has over 100 statues and memorials, most of which you will certainly walk by without even noticing? Statue orienteering is a splendid way to find completely new sides about Tampere – both to locals and people coming elsewhere. This adventure consists of plenty of interesting information, history and fun trivia knowledge to each and every one.

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The topic of this adventure is according to its name Tampere for all senses. You will see and experience one-of-a-kind places which this largest inland city in the Nordic countries is well known for. You’ll get to taste some local products, hear some interesting stories and feel the city life – in other words you will dive into the core of Tampere.

This suits also the locals, but is especially a great way for the outsiders to experience Tampere for a moment.

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A real well-being day


A real well-being day for work!
To this city adventure we have collected a large setting of topics related to well-being at work. The program is full of fun and relaxed time together as well as exercises, but at the same time you will get tips, experience and practical tools for your own work as well as for your free time.

In this adventure we will cover topics related to well-being in a concrete way. The physical side of wellbeing, e.g. importance of exercising, is included, but also the significance of mental health and the impact of nutrition are covered in the program.

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Amazing Ravintola.fi


In this adventure there is a lot to do and experience in the restaurant world, on the other side of counter where you would not normally be. With our partner Restamax we will offer you an unbeatable serving of program content.
If you like, you can dive into the world of cocktails as a bartender, be a sushi chef, learn the secrets of different dishes through tasting and so on.
The highlight of the day will be dining in one of the great restaurants Tampere has to offer – maybe even in the table you have set yourself.

This adventure suits small groups best, but can still be successful with groups of all sizes.

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Hämeenkatu, the main street in Tampere, is around one kilometer long.  Along its sides is a vast amount of attractions, each one having their own unique history. In this adventure you will only be walking in Hämeenkatu and the areas very nearby enjoying a great setting of city’s colourful history by visiting actual scenes and places. At the same time you will get to know the local services and taste delicacies from Tampere and surrounding area.

After this adventure you will definitely see Tampere in the new light.

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Prohibition 5 4 3 2 1 0 !


This adventure will have you building up quite the thirst, following some really interesting places and destinations, all having something to do with prohibition era Tampere. This adventure will give you a good sense of what it was like during this dry period, what it meant culturally as well as economically, and eventually what it feels like to quench a thirst that has been built all day!

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